• Amelia

What's Going on Today?

Hello friends! Today, I've been busy making a homemade bird feeder for my garden. You can check out this challenge and all the things that you need on our, Get Busy page. Birds are not only very beautiful but they help to make our world the very special place that it is. By making homemade bird feeders, you are supporting the wildlife around you and giving back to the planet. The great thing is, they are really easy and cheap to make and you use lots of scraps of bits and pieces of food from your kitchen to save it going in the bin. There are many different types of bird feeders that you can make but the one that I have chosen to do, uses the skin of an orange as the casing and stuff that I had in my fridge and shed. It only took about 10 minutes to make, was a lot of fun, got a bit messy and hey presto!

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