• Amelia

What's Been Going On?

What an odd time it's been... lockdown, seeing the same faces day to day, being remote from friends......


Nature is still there, no matter what! Thank goodness for that 🐶🐰🦊🍀🎍🪴🍂🍁🐚

Have you had fun in the snow this winter? I've been walking lots with my dog and spending time building a home for ducks in my gran's paddock, which has been a lot of fun and a great distraction from our world of lockdown. Being around animals is just such a wonderful , enjoyable thing to do. Just walking through the woods, there's many different bird songs to learn and if you know where to look, some awesome creepy crawlies to check out!

Here's a few of my pictures from recent adventures:

There's a new challenge for you too, so go and check that out!

:) 🍁🐶🦊🍁🍂🦀

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