• Amelia

Welcome Back!

Hello all, thanks so much for dropping by This is Our World to check out what's going on. The world around us changes so much daily, more than we can possibly ever fathom, inluding nature. I've been busy taking photographs and working on my animal managment course which has give me much food for thought.

These pictures are from my walk 2 afternoon's ago after a busy day of studying evolution - so interesting! I loved the colour of the water that you can see and the duckweed gives you the impression it is almost solid ground beneath it. The trees were divine as they always are during the autumn. It's one of my favourite times of the year to see all of the colours around you canhing oh so gradually and then seemingly, all at once.

Have you been out and about recently? Have you spotted any birds of prey? There's been so many where I live, perching on branches and surverying the world around them as if they own it all and are dreadfully proud of it.

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