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It's such a beautiful time of year! But littering can spoil so much.

Hello there everyone :) Isn't it amazing weather? Each evening is a wonderful chance to enjoy our beautiful world and it seems that every day, so much changes; the trees are changing colour green all the time, new flowers are growing and old ones are sleeping for next year.

But there are times that things outside do make me sad about outside and that's when our world isn't respected and loved as it should be. Whilst walking through a picnic spot where local children play, we came across the very sad sight of litter that had been left by others who had had a picnic. I picked up more than 10 plastic bottles as well as crisp packets, plastic bags, chocolate bar wrappers and cigarette ends. I also picked up cans which can be recycled and so of course, anything that can be recycled, I did so after washing.

This website is somewhere that I hope that I can encourage families and children to think about the wildlife around us, how our actions affect animals and nature that deserves our love, care and respect. Our planet isn't going to be here forever and the reason for the enormous changes in our environment, climate and world is very easy: it's us. Is there anything we can do? Yes! There's always something that we can do to help them planet. Take a look at our Eco-friendly page for ideas, our nature page for activities and as humans, we are innovate, creative and have amazing abilities to change the way we think and act.

So.... when you go on a picnic, remember to take your rubbish home with you. A plastic bottle will take 450 years to decompose in landfill. A crisp packet takes 75-80 years and a chocolate wrapper can take 20 years. Animals get caught and suffocate in wrappers and packets and bottles as well. There is no excuse for this cruelty so please think, be kind to our planet and recycle where you can. I'd love to send some clean pictures of this space next time :)

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