• Amelia

In our Nature Reserve

Good morning all! What a beautiful day it is :) Today, I decided to go for a walk to my local nature reserve in Staplehurst and see what birds and bugs that I could spot. I found some beautiful trees with the sun bursting through the branches and got some great pictures from this. Remember to send me in your own pictures for the page: Your Space!

Whilst I was out, I noticed that there was some litter that people had thrown onto the ground. This is such a shame and could even be dangerous for our wildlife, so with a little bag I had with me, I collected the rubbish. It feels so good to help the environment - I'd love to see your own pictures of litter picking in your community. Check out these beautiful sights from today. I'll include pictures of the litter picking on our, Get Busy page where you can take part in eco-friendly challenges. Make sure you send us in what you've been up to out and about where you are :)

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