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Check Out Your Local Garden Centre :)

Hello all!

Have you ever been to a garden centre? Maybe you don't think it sounds like your thing but let me introduce you to the magical world of Notcutts in Maidstone...

Notcutts (like all garden centres of course), has super displays of plants and gardens, water features, miniature animals and fairy gardens to decorate your gardens with and sometimes, the most odd and quirky things! Take a look at some of the photos that I took and see if there's anything that surprises you...

Ever wanted to help your local hedgehogs if you have them? Garden centres have great ideas for food, shelter and feeders. Hedgehogs are the next animal that we will be exploring on our Wildlife page, so do go check that out! If you have any pictures of wildlife or nature in your garden or out and about, don't forget to send us your pictures to:


Amelia :)

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