Get Busy!

Welcome to our Get Busy page, where you can find lots of exciting challenges to do out and about in your world. Here, you'll find ways to support the life that is right outside your door. :) 

Challenge 1

Build your own bird feeder 🕊🦜

What you'll need:

1. The skin of an orange 

2. Lard 

3. Bird seed

4. Chopped up apple

5. Raisins

6. Cheese 

7. Cereal bits 


Step 1:

Carve out and eat the middle of your orange so that you are left with just the skin

Step 2:

Mix together the seeds, apple, bits of cheese and cereal and raisins in a bowl with the lard until they are all stuck together and mushy - everyone loves a bit of mush!

Step 3: 

Scoop it all together and bung it into the orange skin, making your that it's not too runny so that it doesn't melt in the sun. Maybe you could put it in the fridge for an hour to help it set. 

Step 4:

Tie a bit of ribbon or string to the orange by poking a little hole through the top. Hang it up on your tree and watch the birds come and feast on your marvellous creation! 



challenge 2: Litter Picking

Want to share your awesome work? Email us in your photos to:


A great thing to do to support your local community and wildlife, is to go litter picking. Litter can be dangerous to wildlife as animals can get stuck in rubbish that people have thrown onto the ground or could even be poisoned. By taking out a bag with you on a walk, you can simply collect the rubbish and recycling you see and dispose of it responsibility. Remember to take and send in photos of what you've been doing so that we can put the up on the Your Space page! 


Challenge 3: Go on a Nature Treasure Hunt 

Oooh, this one is a lot of fun and all about you and what you can find out and about outside your home. Your challenge is to spot as many interesting things out in nature as you can, photograph them, put them in your scrapbook or even better still, draw or paint them and send us in what you've been doing! 

Here's some ideas for what you can find and some of our pictures to help you on your way:


1. A butterfly

2. A bee

3. A pretty flower

4. Hay

5. Rushes

6. A bird

7. Some berries 

8. Pretty leaves


Challenge 4: Make a Bug Hut or Bug Hotel 

Ever wondered where all the bugs live? Well now you can make them a home yourself! 

What bugs might come to your bug home?

. Wood lice

. Ants

. Beetles

. Snails / snails

. Grasshoppers

. Bees

. Butterflies

. Ladybugs

. Worms

What will you need?

You can use so many different things and your huts / hotels can be filled even more, but to get you started, I made 2 bug huts and drew out a plan for a 3rd which you can get some ideas from :)

For the hut / hotel / home:

. Sticks / twigs / wood / bark

. Paper or card / cartons 

. Straws

. Inside of a toilet roll 

. Flower pot

. Photo frame

For the inside:

. Leaves

. Twigs / bark

. Acorns

. Stones / rocks

. Grass

. Shells

. Flowers

. Bamboo

. String / rope

. Moss

. Pinecones

. Nuts / nut shells 


Challenge 5: Hide your Painted Pebbles for Others to Find 🎨 

Paint and hide painted pebbles :)



Step 1:

Find yourself a pebble or stone a decide what you want to paint on it. Maybe you could do a bug or an animal or your favourite character from a film or game.

Step 2:

Use acrylic paint or acrylic pens to paint your stone and maybe give it a couple of coats of paint so that the colour is bright and the stone is easy to spot. 

Step 3:

Hide them somewhere so that other people can find them; you'll make their day that little bit brighter! 


Challenge 6: Build your Own Fairy Garden 🧚‍♂️

Create a home for garden fairies!



Step 1:

Find yourself a suitable place in your garden (or in a plant pot if you don't have a garden) that you think the fairies will be happy to live. 

Step 2:

Use things from your garden to build a special place for your visitors. You can use twigs, acorns, pine cones, recycled pots to make a pond, little stones, etc.  Make your garden exciting by creating secret hiding places, building a washing line, giving them a rockery or a vegetable patch, or really anything else - it's up to you! 

Step 3:

Step away and let your special visitors settle in. You can always add new thing to your garden if you think of anything else.

Step 4:

Send in photos of your creations to be featured on the site and be in with a chance to win Photo of the Week!

Have fun :) 


Challenge 7: Make Natural Art 🖼 🖍

How to Make Natural Art


Step 1:


Think of an image that you would really like to make out of things that you can find outside.

Step 2:

Go on a hunt and find yourself some interesting natural materials such as twigs, leaves, feather, acorns, leaves, stone, grass, flowers, buds, berries etc...

Step 3:

Start creating your own magical piece of natural art and send your photos to us to see them on the site:


Images from Pinterest (not my own). 

Challenge 8: Make Spooky Halloween Decorations 🦇🦉🐺

How to get Ready for Halloween


You are going to need:


. paper/card (coloured or painted)

. a pencil

. scissors

. string   

Step 1:


. Choose the shape you want to make. Maybe a bat, a pumpkin, a ghost or a spooky hand... whooooooo!

Step 2:

Draw an outline of your shape onto your card. Makre sure it's big enough for people to see when you hang them up. 

Step 3:

Carefully cut out your shape with an adult helping you. Then, make a little hole at the top of the shape and thread some string through so you can hang your shape up in your window or maybe you could even blue tack it to your window. 

Now, send us a photo of your awesome work to see it on this site :)


Challenge 9: Make Your Own Indoor Green Space :) 🌿

How to build an indoor garden


You are going to need:


. Terracotta plant pots 

. Plants

. Soil

. Paints and stickers

. Lollypop sticks or cardboard for labels

Step 1:


Ask someone at home to help you find some indoor plants to build your own indoor garden. Some plants need to live indoors, some need to live outside and others don't really mind wherever they are. Maybe your neighbours even have some plants you can take a cutting from to plant and watch your plants grow from the soil.

Some fun, bright and beautiful indoor plants include:

. Venus fly trap (these plants literally eat bugs!)

. Trumpet pitcher plant

. Monday plants

. Orange plant

. Peace lillys 

Step 2:

Decorate your pots however you want them to look. You could use paints, stickers, glue on some pictures or even cut out and stick on your own flowers. If you are making them as a present, you could cut out a photograph and stick it on. 

Step 3:

Find some pots that are the right size for your plant. Fill them up with soil until they are 3/4 full. 

Step 4:

Place your plant in the top and then gently put soil all around it so the plant is being hugged by soil. 

Step 5:

Write the name of your plant on your label. Lollypop sticks are great for this. Then, just stick them in the po so that you won't forget what kind of plant they are. 

Don't forget to water your plants and check whether they need to be in a sunny place or a shady spot. 

Now, send us a photo of your awesome work to see it on this site :)


Challenge 10: Make a Trail for Others to Follow 🪴

Create a trail...


Step 1:


Head outside and collect things that you can arrange to look like arrows such as twigs, stones or pine cones. 

Step 2:

Arrange your twigs or whatever you've collected into arrow shapes to direct others to a special place or just to take them on a walk.

Step 3:

Start creating your own trail for others to follow and send your photos to us to see them on the site:


(Image sourced from: Tinkergarten)

Challenge 11: Make a Chalk Course 🖍

Create a course...


Step 1:


Get designing on paper! Come up with some ideas for your course. Add a path to follow and as many different activities and challenges as you like along the way. You could even add objects to your course too - perhaps you could cycle a part, throw leaves in the air or even splash about in water! 

Step 2:

Get your chalk ready...

Step 3:

Head outside and draw your course in chalk. Maybe you could do it on a path near your house for other children and families to enjoy too!  

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Challenge 12: Make a Tent or Den in the Garden 🏕

First Things First!


This is a hugely fun thing to do, but not so great in the rain, so make sure there's beautiful, warm sunshine about on the day you build your tent or den. 

OR... you could build a den indoors in the rain: just gather some blankets and balance them over your sofa and chairs and build your very own secret den!


 🌻     🌝

One of the best things about tent building, is you can build it in so many different ways and decorate it however you like! Take a look at some of these fantastic tents people have made. 

Things you can do in your den:

. Read a book 📚 

. Listen to the radio 📻 

. Draw and paint 🎨 

. Play an instrument 🎷 

. Have a picnic 🧺 

. Play with your toys 🧸 

. Make a jigsaw puzzle 🧩


(Please note that I do not hold the rights to any of the images that I did not take myself on this page - they were sourced from the internet)

bee 2.jpg

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