Go natural
By making your own washing products or by using ones that are better for the environment, you are helping to cut back on packaging, waste, harmful substances and reducing the awful effects that mass-produced products can have on our rainforests and rural spaces.
Reuse Water for Plants
Old dishwater is great for your plants, so long as there's not too much soap of grease in it! Both your plants and the planet will be really grateful :)
Use your compost bin (or make your own if you don't have one) to get rid of your old food. It is great for the garden and doesn't go in the normal waste which means that it takes a lot less time to decompose, making it better for the environment.
Eat fresh
It's not only much tastier, but it's better for your health and doesn't use as much packaging. You can buy fresh fruit and veg taking your bags with you to the shop rather than using the plastic bags there to carry your items. Every little helps :)
Shower rather than bathe
Taking a shower uses much less water. If you have to run the shower before it gets warm, you could capture that water in a bowl, bucket or jug and then use it on the garden for your plants. It's so easy and so good for the planet!
Give plants a home
By having plants indoors, it's not only great for your mental wellbeing but they help to keep the air clear and liven up your homes, knowing you are giving some beautiful plants a special place to live :)
Donate to dog shelters
Have any old towels lying around that you want to get rid of? Don't chuck them in the bin - your local animal shelter or vets will be really pleased to take them from you as they need them all the time. It's a lovely way of giving back to animals and your community :)
Long-life bags
By using non-plastic bags, you are helping to protect wildlife that can get seriously hurt by plastic that we get rid of every day. Reusable bags may cost you a couple of pounds, but that's nothing in comparison to how good you'll feel knowing that you've helped to protect the planet!
Feed the birds!
Got any old bread, bits of cake or seeds? The birds and wildlife will have a feast day on the things that you don't want! Just chuck it in the garden or in a field for them to find. But be careful not to put it in the garden if you have a cat as you don't want to encourage the birds into a cat's zone...
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