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What's Happening?

The Turtle Tally Project

The Turtle Tally Project is an amazing project that was set up by a team from Hadlow College in an effort to record data collected to find where terrapins can be found in the wild in the UK. 

This project has a survey that aims to locate terrapins and turtles that have, at some time, been illegally released into the wild so that we know where they've been spotted. 

There may be some terrapins or turtles in your local lakes and the Turtle Tally Project needs animal and nature enthusiasts like YOU to tell them!

You can check this out using the link below and even get involved to help on this project! 


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Kingdom Animalia 

Kigndom Animalia - MonotremesAmelia-Rose
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Kingdom Animalia: BatsAmelia-Rose
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Kingdom Animalia: ElephantsAmelia-Rose
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1. Elephants

2. Bats

3. Monotremes

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